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March 5, 2021

S2 E3: Cloverfield convo with Bonnie Rulz

S2 E3: Cloverfield convo with Bonnie Rulz

S2 E3: In this episode, I’m sharing a fun conversation I had with the woman rocking the darkest, most twisted humor in Colorado, Bonnie Rulz. Bonnie loves large lizards, Horror films, destruction, Youtube deep dives into the history of the guillotine, misunderstood creatures, and doing TJ Miller impressions with her hubby. 

On today’s show, Bonnie and I talk media, Casa Bonita, obviously, and then we do a deep dive into one of Bonnie’s favorite movies, 2008 film, Cloverfield. A monster movies for ‘merica. What would would it have been like if it were in Denver instead of New York City? Spoiler alert: the infamous blue mustang makes more than a cameo in this new and improved version of Cloverfield. Anyone who loves Colorado, or who wants to learn more about it, can appreciate today’s episode, it’s not just for the Cloverfield fans out there.

After my call with Bonnie, I will talk about mental health hacks with my favorite Lakewood-based health coach specializing in behavior change, Jennie Page.

You can find Bonnie Rulz at your mom’s house and Jennie Page at

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