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Nov. 10, 2020

S1 E9: Pandemic Pivot Convo with Cindy

S1 E9: Pandemic Pivot Convo with Cindy

S1 E9: This week, I’m excited to share my conversation with local business owner, all around smart lady, and banking savant, Cindy Grove!

Cindy graciously lets me announce her accolades based on the minor linkedin stalking I did in preparation for this interview. Then, we move on to music/movies/TV and Cindy shares the books that she has gifted the most. 

Listeners of the show know that I could talk books and movies all day. But, we don’t do that, we move on to discuss how Cindy has been able to pivot her newly-purchased business, Colorado Tack and Supply, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a great story and offers creative insight for any business owners out there looking for fresh adaptation ideas.

Then, we talk Casa Bonita because, you know… I gotta. And because it’s amazing.

This is a good one and Cindy is a great interview guest! Thanks so much for listening, stick around!

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