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Oct. 27, 2020

S1 E8: Spooky Denver Stories Convo with Wendy

S1 E8: Spooky Denver Stories Convo with Wendy

Episode 8: (explicit content, PG-13!) This is the first full and official Halloween episode of the Casa Bonita Podcast, featuring the spookiest librarian I know, Wendy Paulas. We talk about how COVID has affected the library experience and which library patrons have been hit the hardest by quarantine. Wendy shares information about the innovative ten ring circus of new online programming available on the DPL website.

Wendy shares spooky Denver Stories. Wendy tells of Bodies in Cheesman Park, which was also featured in our Halloween minisode, The Tale of the Denver Spider Man, no relation to the Marvel universe, and rumors of a supernatural presence in the basement of a certain public building.


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