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Dec. 1, 2020

S1 E11: Warm Cookies of the Revolution Convo with Evan

S1 E11: Warm Cookies of the Revolution Convo with Evan

S1 E11: This week I’m excited to share a recent conversation that I had with Evan Weissman, founder and Executive Director of Warm Cookies of the Revolution.

Evan and I discuss how we met, or maybe met? at the Denver Foundation’s event a couple of years ago, titled “Art Tank.” This is an event that listeners of the show may recognize from my conversation with Pam in episode 6.

Then, we go into a somewhat meandering and totally enjoyable conversation, starting with Colorado cemeteries, making a pit stop in the past to discuss Evan’s path from theater and social activism that led him to start Warm Cookies of the Revolution, the world’s first Civic Health Club. We continue on the meandering path, discussing books, music, movies, TV, and a certain painting in the Denver Art Museum collection.

Later, we riff on what Ferris Bueller would have done with Cameron and Sloane if they took their day off in present Denver. (Covid notwithstanding).

Evan and I discuss how COVID has affected Warm Cookies and, last but not least, we talk Casa Bonita.

It was such an honor to host Evan, one of, in my opinion, Denver’s inspired movers and shakers. If you’d like to connect with Warm Cookies of the Revolution, check out their website, You can also get updates via text message if you text “cookies” to 407-219-9369.

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