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Nov. 17, 2020

S1 E10: Sleep Tight Colorado Convo with Meredith

S1 E10: Sleep Tight Colorado Convo with Meredith

S1 E10: This week I’m sharing a recent fun conversation with my good friend Meredith Gershberg, owner of Design Resource Group and the Founder and Executive Director of Sleep Tight Colorado.

We tip our hats to friend and business banker, Cindy Grove at Mountainview Bank of Commerce. Cindy was a guest of the pod in episode 9, when we talked about how she was able to pivot and adapt her newly purchased business, Colorado Tack and Supply, during the pandemic. You can find that episode on our website,

Anyway, Mer and I reminisce about the mullets and mustaches party where we met, we think, about 14 years ago. And later, Meredith shares her story of migration to Colorado from New Jersey, by way of San Francisco. She also shares the story of her late aunt Carol who inspired her to start Sleep Tight Colorado ten years ago, which has donated 4,452 sleeping bags to people experiencing homelessness in Colorado to date.

We talk about Meredith’s 1 star review of Casa Bonita and I share the current status updates for the restaurant.

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