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Oct. 6, 2020

Backyard Chickens Convo with Friends

Backyard Chickens Convo with Friends

In episode five of The Casa Bonita Podcast, we are going to do a deep dive into raising back yard chickens: the cute, the delicious, and the stinky.

First, I’ll share my conversation with my good friend, Nicki, who tells me about her 8 year aspiration to become a chicken momma.

Then, I’ll take you back in time a couple of months to some interviews that I conducted with my son, Zephyr, and my husband Thomas. We explore how to properly hold a chicken, how  back yard chickens affect property values,  and some of the logistics of getting and caring for chickens. Casa Bonita fun facts are sprinkled into this section, as well. 

In recent weeks, the chickens have started laying eggs. So, I pulled out my recording equipment once again and Thomas and I revisited the convo. By that time, I had discussed Nicki’s chicken goals with Thomas and I asked him to weigh in with some information that may help with the decision.

Closing out the episode is our still-pretty-new segment, "And Another Thing," featuring my favorite curmudgeon... you guessed it... Thomas! This week, Thomas rants about paper straws.

*Content Warning: there is one f-bomb in this episode.

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